Collapsible Tubings


99.7% pure Aluminum slugs

Plain or Lacquered tubes

Arrest leakages after filling

Piercing type or round shoulder

Plain or White Polyester Coating

Our manufacturing of aluminium collapsible tubes ranges from diameter 12.7 mm to 50 mm whose length can be altered according to customer requirement in a range of 57mm to 200mm.These tubes are used for packing an assortment of different products like pharmaceutical ointments, creams and gels, rubber based adhesives, rubber cement, epoxy, silicone sealants, toothpaste, shaving cream etc.

Aluminum Collapsible tubes are non-toxic, hygienic, non-absorbent and Impart no taste, flavor, odour or color to contents inside. Being light weight they are easy to handle and transport reducing end product cost.

The processing area has an efficient air handling system to keep it dust free and deliver clean tubes manufactured under hygienic conditions.