Metal Closures (Easy Open Ends)


Easy to open and re-seal

Can be recycled

Many colours available

Fitting for almost all neck finishes

Prevent oxidation & less expensive

Impact Metals Ltd., Hyderabad and Impact Metal Parts Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara both units are capable of manufacturing of EOE along with EOE bottles. We use aluminium L8S of Hindalco.

Aluminium caps are used for closing of glass bottles filled with mineral and natural waters, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical and technical contents, juices. Caps are packed in polyethylene bags and five-layer cardboard boxes. The way of packing disables contamination of caps. Caps have certificate of health safety. Caps are delivered with sealants made of expanded polyethylene or with dosage safety valve.

Aluminium caps are cost-effective and qualitative solution which will finalize your product with style. Top and side printing as well as embossing possible.

Dimensional Specification

Curl Diameter 51.2 mm
Inner Diameter 39 mm
Curl Height 1.5 mm
Curl Opening 5 mm
Total Height 4.5 mm

Material Specification

Lid Material Aluminium
Thickness 0.30 mm
Tab Material Aluminium
Thickness 1.5 mm
Lining Compound Water Based Rubber Lining Compound
EOE Weight 3 grams