Crop Yield Enhancement


Effectively breaking down fertilizers

Reducing the use of fertilizer

Decrease nutrient runoff

Fixing carbon and nitrogen in the soil

Yield increases of 30-50% is possible

Bacterial activity is extremely important in soil and the affects of these beneficial bacteria is very important to the final harvest. In permaculture and monoculture large amounts of fertilizers are used to ensure quality yields in harvests. Together with this large amounts of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are used to insure no pests affect the harvest. This unfortunately greatly depletes the bacterial activity in the soil.

High input costs due to fertilizers not being utilized, nutrient run of, bio unavailability of nutrients, parasites and pests. Low returns due to low yields unhealthy plants, parasites and pests and bio inactive soil.

Our bacteria is organic and natural, completely safe and pathogen free. It has a guaranteed shelf life of 2 years. The nature of our consortium leads to an interesting phenomenon that is explained in its simplest form as self selection. Because we have such a wide range of bacteria functioning over different processes our bacteria flourishes in almost any environment.